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AVHRR NDVI Regional Subsets PDF

AVHRR NDVI Greenness By
Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC)

Region Code

Relative Greenness (RG)

Departure from Average Greenness (DA)

California-North cn Image Image
California-South cs Image Image
Eastern Area ea Image Image
Eastern Great Basin eg Image Image
Northern Rockies nr Image Image
Northwest nw Image Image
Rocky Mountain rm Image Image
Southern Area sa Image Image
Southwest sw Image Image
Western Great Basin wg Image Image
Alaska ak Link Link

WFAS generates regional subsets of relative greenness and departure from average greenness for all 10 continental United States Geographic Area Coordination Centers.  These subsets are generated as part of the standard WFAS processing stream.  New subset images are posted concurrently with new national NDVI-based images.